Pantherinae - Land of Big Cats


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This collection called Mappa Mammalia is meant as a tribute to all mammals. Each map is honouring a specific class/family/subfamily of mammals from the animal kingdom by naming mountains, seas, lakes, cities etc. after fictional and non-fictional animals falling within each group. For example one map is made in the image of the tiger. That one is called Pantherinae - meaning big cats - and it represents both the tiger, lion, jaguar, leopard and snow leopard. Every one of these big cats then has its own country on the map. The level of detail is made to match that of a real school map.
Pantherinae - Land of Big Cats: Highly detailed map made in the image of the Grey Wolf. Mountains, seas, lakes, cities etc. are all named after fictional and non-fictional Wolves belonging to the family of Canis.

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